Military authentication tables

below is an example of an authentication table.
note that since this specific one is published on
the 'net, it is not recommended that this one
be used for actual on-air operation.

procedure for use would be that the challenging
station picks a letter from column 0 (zero),
followed by a letter within the row that
was chosen.

The station being challenged would then
authenticate by picking the letter that is
three characters to the right of the letter
in the row being used.

if the end of a row is reached, the letter count
would roll back to the start of the row, such
as "delta bravo" would authenticate as "golf".


"Alpha six uniform, this is charlie two
november, authenticate delta papa, over".

"charlie two november, this is alpha six
uniform, authentication tango, over".

in actual use, any challenge/reply
authentications should be crossed out in the
currently used set, so that an unauthorized
station is prevented from providing a correct
response. sets of authentication tables would
be changed on a scheduled basis.

authentication table:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
k okm gbq lyt zaw cpi vrs ndx hju ef
n xmp rhv ing ltq zub oca wjy sde kf
e bhi ujy kac nfx tdz sro epl qgv wm
d gea ehq pfm tcr kls xzy njv uwb oi
u wcp yfv mqr oeb zhx sgn uit adl jk
a zjp odg vbr snu max yko hte lfc iw
c alm xqp gjh ivy neu tcf wdr kzo sb
l uzr dvm skt lhj bwn axc epg ioy fq
t yid qol afn ktw pgj sxh vbm cru ze
z dxz whi ecu bkv opm anq tsl yfr jg
x nho czv ptq gxm ise lfw ukd jbr ay
w mbq xnp tgo ulc ari fjv hkz bws ye
v pxz jei blu dch tfn smw agq ovr yk
h hnd ywg fql avs jek otp rcm uzb ix
o tyc aqd jsw uop zvr kmb eng lhx if
b wzv fqg dcs rub mij tle npx hko ya
y zqi pva jch dts log euk yfm rbw nx
m spj zoa vuk wbx rhq ecl dmn igy ft
q gzm fxb owh eil cpa srd tuk jvn qy
f kfw azc grh ptv obs nqy iem udx jl
j fja coh zru ils kny mvd qet bwx gp
g kqd epg lwy vas ixb rhj zut cfn mo
p lgi qou abf zrh pds ekj cxm yvn tw
i dqh bes kfy amc lop utr ngx zjw vi
s icv fjn bqw hdp rxe kls uzo tma gy
r ogk hsa dnf xlc zrj peb tmw iyu vq




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