Welcome to the subject of "Near Vertical Incidence Skywave", also known as
NVIS. This is a mode of HF radio equipment deployment that allows for reliable communications within a range of 0-400 miles. Subject matter related to NVIS will be posted to the "NVIS Info" area, while the "NVIS Chat" area will be for webpage-based discussions by those who are experimenting or actually using this mode for various types of communications operations/activities. 

A great book on NVIS is available, which was written by Ed Farmer, and
Lt. Col David Fiedler, currently  from Universal Radio Publishing  ..
For more information, simply click the link ...













The Internet, email-based discussion list located at the "Onelist" site has been in operation since the Spring of 1999, and has approximately 50 subscribers as of February 18th, 2000. 

The E-mail discussion list can be reached by going to:

NOTE: The NVIS e-mail community, is located at: <http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/nvis


Contributions by the subscribers of the NVIS mailing list, and others who happen across the Tactical-Link  webpage, may be found in the "NVIS Info" page. Paul Wende, near Vancouver has recently e-mailed me, so his comments are added in the NVIS Info area.

I've moved two pages here  that were located previously in the "Tricia's Pages" area of this site. These two pages, titled "Mobile NVIS", and "Field Deployed NVIS" each detail my own work on this subject and span from the summer of 1990 through any work I've been doing recently.

The "NVIS Info" area,  on this page,  will be hosting information posted by members of the NVIS discussion list, and by anyone else with an interest in this subject. 

If you wish to post content, please email <wa6ube@tactical-link.com> and I will be happy to upload information. Please also include any biographical information about yourself that I can post along with your contribution. 

If you do not have the ability to send *.jpg photos over the internet, you can mail copies of standard color photos and they can be scanned with an HP flat-bed scanner. Most of the photos that you see on this site were scanned photographs. The results are much better than the majority of digital cameras...




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